I am here for a short while, it is my prayer to grow and mature into the fullness of who God created me to be, seizing every opportunity during the time I have left. I desire to fulfill the very purpose for which I was created. Come with me as I explore what it is to be a man of God. In sharing my journey, facing life’s difficulties, and the trials and tribulations I encounter as a husband and father, I hope that you too will be encouraged to fully embrace who you were created to be. I strongly encourage you to validate what I share in light of truth and only follow my example, as I follow Christ.1

If you’re a woman who reads my blog, fantastic!  You are most welcome here.  As a man I write from the perspective of a man.  Women, although created from man, are as unique as is their role.2  If my words in anyway devalue the role and purpose of women it is only because my understanding is limited.  I believe women, wives and mothers are a blessing from God.  I share my struggles as a husband because my wife challenges me to be a man of God like no other.3  4  I believe the role of a wife, under authority, is a very powerful one; a Godly wife, who appeals to God, partners with the very maker of heaven and earth.5