Demand Justice -NOT

No one chooses hell… do they?

Clearly God and I have different thoughts and ways; it’s my everyday struggle to let go of mine in favor of His.1  When I am cut off in traffic my natural reaction is not to bless the person and yet that is what God commands me to do.2  3  When I’m wrongly accused, I suffer, sleepless nights, playing over and over the circumstances to confirm the offending person’s guilt and my innocence.  The churning arguments justify all of the enemy’s suggested retaliatory tactics that rapidly fill my head.  Soon I’m more miserable than before and the only solution I want is Justice!  Where is the justice when I’m wronged?  What am I supposed to do?  I can’t even get a peaceful nights sleep!

My Complaint, My prayer, My Understanding: Lord, they wronged me and have stolen my peace!!  What am I supposed to do?  What??  Lord, how can I forgive, don’t you know I was wrongly acc…  oh yeah, I guess you were wrongly accused too… but, you’re God!  Stephan?  Oh yeah, he forgave those who stoned him didn’t he?4  Yeah, he was a man just like me.  No, this hasn’t cost me my life… okay, so what you’re saying is I need to forgive, huh?5  Yeah, I know you forgave me, yeah, I can see how your forgiveness of my sins might be seeds in my heart.  Lord, I do want to love like you do but, it’s hard.  Oh, this is the pain of loving… wait, I missed that can you say it again?  You’re saying there is joy, coming?  What??  You endured the cross because of the joy set before you?6  What joy can there be when someone takes your life?  What do you mean they didn’t take it from you?  They purposely killed you.  No? You laid your life down?7  Wait, so let me get this straight, the joy comes from laying down your life for another, because love removes the barrier of relationship that sin created.  Okay, I can’t disagree that death would hinder relationship.  Yes, I want eternal life.  So, you died in my place that I could live for an eternity in relationship with the Father and you along with everyone in heaven?8  I thought you died just to keep me out of hell, I guess I really didn’t think about a relationship with you.  What do you mean, “How will I know I want to spend an eternity with you if I don’t get to know you?” of course I want to spend an eternity in heaven, I mean who wants to go to hell?  No one chooses hell… do they?

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