Divine Nature

Divine nature is not shaped by man.1

The divine nature is whole; it’s not a smorgasbord that I can take what I like and leave what I don’t.  I must accept all or none of it!

As I grow in Christ I grow in the divine nature.2  When the Holy Spirit reveals truth to me if I don’t embrace it am I rejecting all truth?  Am I also rejecting Christ because He is the Truth?3

Without Christ, I have no authority and no power.  Have I not unplugged myself from the source when I reject truth?  Is it possible to partially filter truth?  Isn’t that what satan did to tempt Jesus?4

If I have truth and a lie what do I have?  Is it not all a lie, like water mixed with poison is it not all poisonous?

Certainly this is a call to holiness!5  Holiness isn’t about being good enough its about being one with Christ Jesus.  How can I be one with Him if I don’t embrace 100% truth; is He not 100% truth?6How can I embrace Jesus 100% if I don’t know Him?

Have I embraced all that has been revealed to me?  How can I expect to receive more, having rejected what has already been given me?


How can I receive something I have rejected?  Have I not built a wall and said, “No more of this”?  When I receive a guest in my home can I welcome part of him and tell him to leave the rest outside?

If I say to my guest, “You’re welcome in my home but leave your eyes outside”, have I not rejected the whole person?

When I stop accepting truth am I not left with a lie?  Cut off from the truth, like a branch that has been cut from a tree, will I not wither and die?  When I reject the truth I have embraced a lie; can there be any middle ground?

Like poison there is no life in a lie.


Jesus is the life there is no death in Him.  Have I invited all of Him in?  If not, who do I hold in my heart if it is not Jesus the Christ?

There is no deception in Christ; the amount of deception within me is an indication how far from Christ I am.

Deception is hard to see in myself.  My hard heart has blinded my eyes and stopped up my ears.

My Prayer:  God please soften my heart; give me a heart of flesh.7  Please remove the scales from my eyes8 and open my ears that I may hear Your voice, see Your mighty works and humble myself in Your presence.  Let me know the depths of Your love and experience the magnitude of Your forgiveness.9  Burn hot within me and remove the fear of being consumed.  Burn away all that is not You.

Remember who You created me to be and, in Your mercy, close the gap between who I am through conviction and the gift of repentance.  Please have mercy on me that I may walk in agreement with You.  Amen.


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