God the Builder

Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.1

Unless the Lord builds a house of worship within me am I not laboring in vain?  It’s not about performance, isn’t it about the condition of my heart?  What is my heart toward Him, toward all He has made?  Do I sit in judgement?  Am I condemning who He has sacrificed for?  Am I not the instrument and He the master?  An instrument in the hands of a master is an awesome thing; every expression is at His finger tips.  If he desires for the people to cry out with (name emotion/expression) He can do it!  I am so limited by my skill and expression, however He is unlimited, no wonder my labor is in vain.

Consider: Why is a Stradivarius better than other violins?  Is it not build quality, more specifically, is it not that all the parts are working in unison towards a common goal?  Has God not created me such? 2

My Prayer: Lord, let me keep my eyes fixed on you.  Let me be an extension of Your heart.  Let me be totally surrendered to you.  Express Your love through me.  Lord, fill my mouth with Your praises; play me like an instrument, let Your praises overflow from my heart because of the mighty things You have done for me.  In Your great mercy You have saved me!  All glory and honor are Yours!3 Lord, I submit to You, my trust is in You.  Tune me so that my heart overflows sweet music to You.  Let the overflow of my heart bless my wife and children, drawing them closer to You; not because of who I am, but because of who You are Lord.  Are You not a God of mercy?4  5  Are you not the originator of grace?6  Are You not the author of love?7  8  What can You not accomplish?9  10  My hope is in You! Amen.



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