I don’t want to just enter the kingdom; I want to partake and be a part of it too! I’m not okay being on the side lines. I don’t just want to hear God say, “Welcome.” I long to hear Him say, “Welcome, good and faithful servant, enter into my rest.”1 Of what good is a table loaded down with food in preparation for a great feast if you can only look at it?  Of what good am I as a Christian if I don’t have the fruit of the kingdom?

When the temple was being built wasn’t it Gods temple although He didn’t inhabit it.  When did He inhabit it?  Wasn’t it after it was consecrated?  Does God inhabit me or is He waiting for me to live a holy life in agreement with the holiness secured through Christ.  Is that why He doesn’t go with me?  Does my stubbornness qualify me to be consumed by Him?  In His mercy is He keeping a distance?  Is that what this struggle is about?  Is not my stubbornness a hindrance?

My Prayer:  God, I humble myself before your majesty. I have been frivolous, rebellious and stubbornly displaced You as Lord.  Please forgive me; have mercy and compassion on me.  I humbly ask that you remove my hardened heart and give me a heart of flesh.  I proclaim you as Lord and humbly submit to you.  I renew my commitment to be obedient and follow you.  I desire to be all that You created me to be.  I put myself in your hands so you may finish the work that You have began.  I trust you and submit to the tools, trials, and discipline you choose.  My faith is in you, not in my strength, the outcome, or the circumstances.  Please teach me to act when you act, speak when you speak and remain silent when you are silent.  Please give me spiritual blinders so that I may never take my eyes off of You.

Thank you for your faithfulness that sustains me. Thank you for your mercy and compassion that makes a way for me.  Thank you for your grace that rescues me.  Thank you for your love that covers me. Amen


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A man, husband and father, struggling to be a blessing in the lives of others.

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