Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Remember the enemy speaks lies.1 Lies are his native tongue.  Let’s look through the eyes of faith at our circumstances.  Is anything impossible for God?2  3 God is not sleeping4 – He sees the totality of our circumstances.  He is able to make ALL THINGS work for our good.5 In faith let’s continue to do good for at the proper time we will reap a reward!6 As men we are called to love our wives like Christ loved the church.7  8 Remember he didn’t lose His life, He laid it down.9 Let’s see all things as an opportunity to love.  It’s way bigger than us, we cannot go it alone.  Remember Jesus said he could do nothing on His own.10  11 It is an impossible task that is possible with God.  We must ask Him to give us His love for our wives.  It is important for us to remove all hindrances to love by confessing our sins in agreement with God.  God is love12  13 therefore if we are in agreement with Him we are in agreement with love.  Our hardened hearts create blind spots within us.  We must examine the overflow of our hearts through our words and actions to see the areas that are in opposition with God.14  15 If we ask God to soften our hearts, He will through repentance.  To maintain a softened heart we must confess every time we sin even if we commit it over and over.  The enemy will tell us we don’t need to confess it again because we just confessed it 5 minutes ago.  He is a liar!


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