Monumental Pride

My heart is so hard that I didn’t have a clue why God would resist and reject me.  My pride has its roots in the little things.  Little compromises that seem inconsequential.  Discounted truths.  A foundation of lies that give way to great deception and loss of vision.  Pride overflows from my lips and I have been blinded to my depravity.  I’ve been mocking God by ignoring the little promptings of the Holy Spirit for change while crying out for an opportunity to mightily effect my world.

I have built great monuments of pride and presented them to God as sacrificial offerings.


I thank God for He has revealed my folly.  My sight is being restored.  The Holy Spirit is convicting me.  I have fallen silent before my King.  What can I tell the maker of heaven and earth?  What counsel can I give Him?

My Prayer:  God, please forgive me.  Allow me to be still and know that you are God.  Please continue to convict me and give me the grace to embrace the Truth.


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A man, husband and father, struggling to be a blessing in the lives of others.

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