A friend shared a story about a man, in Africa, who received money from people to send demonic pigeons to repay evil to whom ever they wanted to curse.  In the story the demon needed someone to curse another before the pigeon was released to kill, steal and destroy.1  If non-believers have the power to loose the enemy how much more do we have, in Christ, to loose blessings and bind the enemy?2  3  Oh, that we could get a hold of such a great truth!4

If we are faithful with little will we not be faithful with much?5  Shall we not speak blessings now; even blessing those who aggravate us?6  Is God not showing us what is in our hearts through those who provoke us?7  Is God giving us an opportunity to agree with Him regarding sin like the Prophet Nathan did with King David?8  Or like He did with David when he spared King Saul.9  Shall we not bless our enemies?10  How much more should we bless our brothers in Christ?  I believe my proving ground is right here in my home; shall I not learn to bless my wife and children until it truly overflows my heart?  Who’s sins shall my love cover if not those in my own home?11  12


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A man, husband and father, struggling to be a blessing in the lives of others.

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