Two by Two

Two of every creature that has the breath of life in it came to Noah and entered the ark. Gen 7:15 CSB

Consider: The whole world knew Noah was building the ark. No doubt he was the brunt of many jokes over the 100 year construction. Everyone’s heart was so hardened that they didn’t even take notice when a most unusual event unfolded before their eyes. What an incredible testimony of truth when pair after pair of animals showed up and boarded the ark. I can only imagine the lions waiting patiently to board behind what would normally be their prey. A strange sight no less, but there was no fear of God in any of the onlookers to goad their conscience to repentance.

What a sorry state to find yourself in when your heart is so hard that repentance can’t break through.

Lord, thank you for not giving up on me. My flesh is stubborn and rebellious. Thank you for providing the way, the gift of repentance and the grace to respond! Amen.

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