Impossible — NOT!

For with God nothing shall be impossible.1

How would my life be different if I took God at His word?  Do I really believe that nothing is impossible for Him?  If all things are possible for God, perhaps it’s time to stop tempering and qualifying my requests in terms of imagined difficulty.  Am I stuck in a situation because I’ve limited God by some perceived impossibility?  Is this not the fruit of the enemies lies?  Shall I go on believing them or let my world be turned upside right by the truth?2  3  4

My Prayer: God, I do believe that nothing is impossible for you; please help my unbelief.  My limited faith has blinded my eyes, please open my eyes, please give me a vision of what you want to accomplish in my life.  Please give me the grace to yield fully to you without reservation.  Have your way in me, do the impossible!  Amen.

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